Saturday, July 22, 2006

WHY didn't they tell me when they did it?

I've been banned in India, just like my hero, Dr. Rusty.
Yep, I've been banned!

Well, so has all of Blogspot.
If I would have known that I could get my 'street cred' by just talking bad about a 'religion of piss' than I'd have done it alot earlier.

Since, ya know- now we all know that the muhammedine make the rules in India. They don't want to be giving those pedophiliac worshipers any more excuse to murder and maim innocent women and children than they have now.

You know, they're alive.

Sorry Ghandi, your peaceful resistance worked with a civilized British empire, but it won't work with muHAMedines who don't value human life---except for certain hatmongers who were exiled from britain and stick in Lebenon. See if you practice peacefull resistance with moslems- it makes it alot easier to kill you.

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