Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Fake, but accurate 7.06

I was going to lift this 18+ minute You-Tube video from the source, but decided to kiss the little guys butt. He and Allah 1.0 (the first Allahblog) are about the only two 'big' bloggers that blogrolled me.

This video is a bit dated, but it's probably a good representation of how the MSM is still operating today. Same scenes, different country.

If you watch it, you'll notice the (accidental- I'm sure) 60 minutes theme that would have never aired there. As part of the video, get something to drink -no, not at work- and do a shot everytime you see a UN ambulance pull up. As an additional goodie- take a good swig every time they drop the "corpse".

And speaking of the UN, I see Israel took out a forward OP for Hizb'allah. It's just too bad the talkers were in the UN babyblue helmets.
I'm sure they were spotting for the Iranians terrorists just like they've done in every war they've been involved in. Helping the bad guy.

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