Monday, July 10, 2006

I expected better out of FoxNews

I have it on in the background, listening to the coverage of the explosion over there. They just told the world that Natural Gas sinks, and could be a cause of the explosion.

Just to let you jounalists know- not that it could save lives or property- Natural gas is lighter than air (it floats) but propane is heavier.
Both have an unmistakable odor that is introduced before delivery for use.

Now, before everyone starts panicking because the gave *gasp* gas in their house, here are some facts that probably will get lost in the hype:
  • In order to burn (or explode) the concentration needs to be within the range of 4.5% and 14.5% gas in air. Any more or any less and you can light matches all day long with nothing happening.
  • In order to ignite, the source needs to be around 1200 F (more or less- it's been a while). A light switch is smack-dab in the middle of the heat range.
  • You can't tell how concentrated the gas is from smell.

UPDATE- someone's getting sued. Fox just said the neighbors called the Gas Dept 7 times over the weekend reporting the smell of gas. I don't know about NYC, but in Texas we take that seriously. Any leak that is inside an active building is classified as a "grade 1" leak, and must be migitated immediately. This can involve fixing the leak, shutting off the gas including evacuating and venting the building.

I see several of jobs open in the NCY gas department , if anyone's interested. Probably ranging from the leak crew on up.

UPDATE TO THE UPDATE...Looks like it might have been a suicide attempt.

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