Wednesday, July 19, 2006

I've got a history book sitting on the shelf

I haven't looked at in far too long.

I keep hearing about how Israel is infringing on historically moslem land, and that they (the Jews) don't belong there.

This book is several hundred pages long- at least. It has alot to say about how the Jews lived, and names names of the towns they lived in. You see these cities, towns and territories a lot lately in the news.

The thing it doesn't mention is the ones claiming the land that the Jews have held historically, the moslems aren't mentioned at all- really, since their pedephile profet prophet didn't create his sect untill 7 centuries had passed after the second part of my history book was written.

If you have any interest in where my history book places the Jews, you can look here, or maybe you have one you haven't looked at in too long also- up on your shelf somewhere.

AND as a note to my Liberal visitors, that book describes evolution in BunnyTime. Just remember, next time a subspecies of three die off, it's not pollution, it's evolution!

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