Thursday, July 27, 2006

I wonder who came up with this idea?

I was surfing around, looking for cutting board designs I couls steal use and saw this brilliant idea. I guess the idea is to keep the raw meat from contaminating the veggies. Good idea, right? That's why people use more than one cutting board, or wash between the different ingrediants. I'm a washer :-D

Anyway, these brains decided to sell a "Two-in-one" cutting board. The idea? You cut the meat and flip it over to cut the veggies. What if you did the salad veggies then did the chicken- and then flipped it over again for the finger food?

Do you use the same knife when swapping out the chicken for raw veggies?
What about cleaning up the chicken juice? If you're going to clean the counter, why not the board, too?
I'd hate to learn too late that I ate something that was prepaired on a two-for-one board,,,,urp.......skews me.

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