Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Another view on Innocent Civilian Targets in Lebanon

We've all heard about Israel "intentionally targeting" civilian infrastructure in Gaza and Lebanon, right?

Ohhh the humanity......

There IS another way to look at it, one that you'll (probably) never see in the Legacy media- that of Israel. I look at Gaza as an armed, hostile enemy camp. I have pretty much since it dawned on me that no matter what Carter, Ford, Reagan, Clinton or Bush did- that they'd ALWAYS end up gladly sending their own children to blow up busses and schools just to start up the cr@p all over again.

Any way, back to Lebanon.

I'd like to remind y'all that wayyyy back at the start of all this, Israel dropped fliers telling civilians to evacuate for their own safety. I know it's been a week, and Americans have a REALLY short term memory- but it did happen. Really. Israel did tell them to get out.

Contrary to the MSM's anti-Semitic views, here is a view from the those who got tired of being on the receiving end of Islamic terror:

...Morally equivocation, since they believe Israel is targeting civilian targets, there is no moral difference between what they and Hezbollah are doing. Let me make is a little clearer to the dense out there.

Israel is NOT targeting civilian infrastructure. You might be referring to the Beirut airport. A little fyi on the rules of war. Once a civilian structure is being used for military purposes, it is no longer civilian. Hezbollah has repeatedly used the airport to receive weapons, ammunition, and strategic materials. They may have also attempted to use the airport to transport the kidnapped soldiers. Therefore, the airport is a legitimate military target.

Hezbollah has been using the roads and bridges connecting Lebanon to Damascus and north-south Lebanon roads to also transport weapons and goods from Syria, and there was positive intelligence that Hezbollah was planning to transfer the kidnapped soldiers from Lebanon to Iran via Syria. Therefore, the roads are legitimate military targets, not civilian infrastructures.

Making the claim that Israel is targeting civilian infrastructure would be the same as accusing the Allied Forces, during WWII, of targeting civilian infrastructure when they bombed German rail-road tracks. On one hand, the tracks were being used for civilian purposes. On the other hand, the German and Nazi forces were using the tracks to transport weapons, supplies, food, and other strategic material to forces on the front. Making the claim that this was targeting civilian infrastructure is ridiculous.


... They are bombing Hezbollah headquarters in southern Beirut. Those headquarters are also in violation of international law since Hezbollah is a recognized terrorist organization, and their headquarters are purposely in the middle of a densely populated civilian center in order to use surounding civilians as human shields and ensure more civilian casualties. Most of these buildings have also been enlarged over the years in order to store stock-piles, meeting the above condition of a legitimate military target.

HAMAS, Islamic Jihad, and Fatah have learned this lesson very well and violate these laws every day as they run through crowded streets with rockets and hold children's hands as they fire Kassams at Israel, knowing that the IAF won't fire at them as long there are children or any other civilians in the vicinity. There is no such thing as sanctity of life to these "people". It is groups like Hezbollah, HAMAS, Islamic Jihad, etc. that are responsible for the death and injury of their fellow citizens as they purposely choose to use them as pawns, PR fodder, and human shields for their cause. Civilian casualties are 100% guaranteed, even with all the precautions the Israelis use to prevent them, when your enemy is running, sleeping, and fighting amongst that civilian population. It is guaranteed when your enemy digs tunnels to transport terrorists and weapons, and when the entrance to the tunnel starts under the bed of a 5 year old boy. It is guaranteed when you fire rockets from some house's backyard while children play not 5 feet away from you in the yard of the house next door.

Hezbollah has also designated southern Lebanon as their state within a state, autonomous from Lebanese control. Therefore, the entire area of southern Lebanon is a legitimate military target, and any civilians who refuse to evacuate the area on IDF warnings, rather choosing to aid and abett Hezbollah forces are aiding terrorists and are no longer non-combatants. The ports, airport, and fuel tanks are perfectly legitimate military targets, as they have have been used by Hezbollah to receive weapons, goods, and other strategic materials. ...

As far as the Americans there, I can't understand WHY they'd choose to spend their money in a semi-terrorist state. It's good that they're being evacuated. They're going to be charged for their evacuation. Tough-chit, ask for a refund from the people who brought you over.

Except that that's one of those 'fine print' things, you know- an act of war. I can see a lot of lawyers getting new yachts out of this one.

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