Thursday, July 27, 2006


I think I have some software issues with my laptop.
I installed the software for the Logitech Quickcam on it. I took it to the range to bring you some real, live blackpowder p0rn, but it didn't want to work. Said it needed an update to work.

Cr@p! Ok, I need to go back home to download the thing. I got home, and everytime I try to download, it "encounters a problem".
Ok, I'll uninstall it and have another go.
Put the CD in and tell in to uninstall itself, so it goes through the noise and motion- including restarting it's self.

The Logitech and PealPlayer are still on my desktop.

Well, let me try "repairing" it.
Wish me luck. Oh, it worked on 'Danica's' computer yesterday-an IBM Thinkpad 2000.

UPDATE- That sucks, sorry also known as Indeo. You tell me I need to BUY a $14.95 download to make a cam work on that HP Pavillion? It worked before without it.

So, as the Mexicans say "Lo f*ckin' siento, buddy", I'll use my other computers.

You'd think that after I bought the software for my Logitech (ok, 4 years ago) that they'd have somekind of free patch to make it work without ponying up $15 dollars for a one-time use.
And the codec is made by Intel- for pros.
That's just too f*cking bad that I'll go out of my way now NOT to buy anything I have a choice in regarding Indeo or anything else Intel.

Thanks for nothing geeks!

UPDATED UPDATE- All I had to do was go the the Logitech site and download the updated drivers for the cam- after I downloaded the outdated everything else.
NOW I can use the HP for pics, too. It's too bad that it's battery has a life of about 10 minutes anymore.

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