Saturday, July 15, 2006


THIS sounds interesting. I wonder if it would be worthwile to build one, and could civilians use it? I wonder what kind of permits you'd need?

Also touching on law enforcement, Officer Opie was lonely last night. I was jst comming into Castroville, and had slowed down to the upcomming speed limit when saw a flash of black and white behind a cluster of mailboxes. As soon as I saw that, the lights came on. After I pulled over and waited for him to drive up. I asked why he pulled me over, I KNOW I wasn't speeding. I had one licence plate light out, and the other one didn't light the plate as bright as he wanted it. I got a fix-it ticket.

Karen's home today!!!
Seems she's become to Americanised to appreciate the soggy weather over in the 'old sod', where people are crowded to gether like rabbits, and the dollar doesn't buy as much as she's used to.

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