Saturday, July 22, 2006

Irrelevant ideas I got on the way home

Yes, I'm home already, I only had 3 loads.
That takes about 4 hours and I make almost as much as I was doing an 8 hour day. I'm getting spoiled, I just wonder how my hours are going to change when we move to Hondo and a 3 hour round trip per load?
They said the pay would be going up to compensate for the decreased loads, but it's really easy to get used to 6 hour days even though the DoT says I can work for 14 hours (on duty)- and I don't know if a 50 mi. one-way trip is "local" anymore? If it's not, then we're down to 10 hours driving time.
Our new trucks will be here in about 5 weeks, we were going to get Macs- but the owner kept getting put off. Now we're getting International Eagles except in the day cab style.

All these Leftarded Journalists who are starting to let their anti-semitism leak through,,, I'm just wondering when one of them is going to say that Israel is 'destroying ireplacable historical artifacts", or whatever- not that there is anything worth saving from hizb'allah rockets in Irael.

All anyone has to do is step back and take a good look at the Liberal anti-semitism and their glorification of most -ism's (socialism, communism, atheism, , , etc.) and wonder why Jews generally vote for them. The Republicans have stood behind Israel, while the Democrats have usually cheered on the terrorist side. I just can't fathom why one would support someone who hates me so much. But then again, I'm a conservative, and aren't as NUANCED as those on the Left.

I'm wondering if it's possible to set up a site to sell Mesquite kitchen stuff like I saw on an offshoot of "food Network" kitchen implements. They got some good (for me) prices on stirrers, spatulas, cutting boards, and the like that I could do for alot less. I guess it's one of those "ya gotta know someone- first" things.

Y'all need to go check out the blogs at Town Hall if you want to surf some conservative blogs. I'd think about moving, but I'm not good enough.

Working a light night shift is kinda like being unemployed exept for a good paycheck, and a 90 minute round trip commute. I have all day to do nothing but wait for my 3:30 call with my loads for the night starting around 7.

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