Wednesday, July 12, 2006

And here I thought the Brits were having a change of heart

on their socialistic gun laws.
because I saw the word Parliment.
Yep, typical Anglocentric Yank American.

It looks like the Gun NAZIs are alive and well in
South Africa

A group of gun owners, unhappy about the proposed Firearms Control Amendment Bill, have protested outside parliament in disapproval of the law which they say will take away the citizens' right to protect themselves from criminals.

The Firearms Control Amendment Bill has been met with both stiff opposition and approval from many quarters.

So, these gungrabbing Libs want to take away everyones right to own a gun.

.....Oooops, my bad.
Should have read all the way through the article, because it's not so much about stealing regulating their guns as it is about accessories.

The protesters also objected to numerous proposed changes in the law such as that owners of certain firearms must be in possession of a competency certificate and the prohibition of silencers.

"We have explained to parliament that silencers serve an important purpose in terms of health and safety in that they offer additional hearing protection on shooting ranges to shooters and bystanders," said Van Wyk.

However, some believe that the new bill, which among other things, seeks to regulate the period of licences held by firearms dealers and owners, is lenient as it no longer limits dealers' stock.

Ok, now where did I put that pic of Rosanna Anna Dana?

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