Saturday, July 22, 2006

Hey, who all here goes to MySpace?

If you do, you really need to run some anti-spyware programs.

It comes to light that MySpace installs ads without running them through any filters and one of their banner ads has infected over 1 million computers with adware and spyware.

I was wondering why my Ad-Aware was comming up with critical objects in their scans. Now I know.

If you don't have any protection against spyware, here are two free downloads.
I use Ad-Aware because it takes less space on my hard drive. I know, with these giga-drives 2 meg isn't a drop in the bucket, but I'm old fasioned that way.

The other freeware that works well is SpyBot.
Just as a kind of 'pre-sweep' I also use Spyware Blaster, to help keep from getting it in the frist place.

If you haven't used either of those spyware scans, you'll be suprized at how much baggage you're lugging around- for all the world to see.

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