Friday, July 28, 2006

Lets all step into our personal wayback machines

Now set it for the last time you worked for minimum wage.



Mine stopped back when I was in High school, sill living with my parents. You might also make the argument that based on the salary VS working hours that my Navy time was minimum wage, too.
No, that was training for the real world.

It looks like not only are the Dems going to raise the minimum wage, but now the Republicans are too. I really don't understand this,,,,,,,,,,,pandering.
I do, but the adults working for minimum wage aren't exactly the kind of people who'd have the initiative to go vote anyway. No matter HOW easy you make it for them- but that's another rant.

Any adult that's been in the workforce more than a couple years and is STILL working for the Federal minimum wage needs to sit down and try to figure out where their life went wrong, and how to fix it.

Bill Millers BBQ is starting servers out at $7.25 in San Antonio
Mc Donalds was already paying $6.50 back in the late 80's
You can fine tune wages here, I took an average starting job with 0 experience and a H.S. diploma in San Antonio:
An amusement park attendant average $7.70
A lumberyard worker averages $12.31
This Cashier in a department store gets about $8.14

I could go with more examples, but the site is pretty slow. You can check it out jobs using the "what if" tag on the left side.
I had a H.S. diploma from Lee H.S. (this IS the south- besides it's easier to type) and zero years of experience if you want to find a wage.

What -if anything will that bill to raise the minimum wage to $7.25 have on any of those jobs?
Lots of entry level jobs are screaming for workers, and so the entry wage shows it.
Nobody (except Democrats) expects you to raise and support a family on an entry level job.

I've said it before, anyone who's a reasonably decent worker who shows up on time won't be making their starting pay before too long. If you're a 30-something slacker with a minimum paying job, dude- you need to make a change.

I've gone through a lot of jobs, but each one was either at a higher wage, or the benefits made it worthwhile. Now, I'm driving a tanker at night delivering corn sugar, making $xx per load and making a pretty good paycheck for 4- 6 hours work per nite. It'll be better when we get moved to Hondo.

I know it's just political pandering, but still- if you can't work yourself out of a minimum wage job; don't expect any sympathy from me. Oh, and pull your pants up, get that ring out of your lip and turn down that vile rap.

Just a suggestion because, you know I care.

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