Saturday, July 29, 2006

Good thing it wasn't a HATE crime

An islamo-Klansman goes into a Jewish community center and guns down 6 Jews- one pregnant.
That's ok, because they deserved it, being Jews and all.
Right Koffi?
It's OK for the Arab version of the KKK to go around killing innocent Jews wherever they are- but as soon as they get their back up, you and the rest of the Anti-semetic UN and old Europe want to tie their hands to protect your terrorists. Impose a cease-fire for your terrorist pals to rest and rearm.

We're seeing plenty of pictures and videos lately about the complete complicty of the UN and islamo-Terrorists in killing Israelis. The UN guests co-habitors of Observation Posts with their Hisb'allah hosts?

Sorry for getting off track.
So, we have six people who happen to be Jews shot -one killed- by an intolorant islamist.

In Seattle Washington.
The Left coast.
Who has a population almost as Liberal as Cali.
I haven't heard a word about any HATE CRIME,,, because the moslem gets a pass from the Anti-Semitic left.
I bet today, maybe tomorrow is the last you hear about this as the Legacy Media sweep this away as soon as they can. Because it might raise some inconvienient question about the lack of outrage anywhere.

But it's ok because they are Jews, always have been trouble makers trying to stay alive and all.

BTW, the cops are protecting Seattle mosques now, just to protect the "moderate" moslems from 'retribution' from the EVIL Jew.
Because, you know islam is a 'Religion of....................
Cr@p, I'm not even going to finish that lie.

Well, I was wrong. Looks like the authorities are looking at it as a hate crime. BUT, he not only wan't inluenced by his 'religion' he was also MENTALLY DAMMAGED. So our MSM comes through to defend the indefensable- yet again.

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