Monday, July 31, 2006

Condi is going to try for a permanent peace

The UN wants a permanent peace, too.

I can only see three ways to achieve a permanent peace in regards to Israel in the Mid-east:

1) Let Israel finish the job.

2) Where are you going to put them

This time?

3) OR, Koffi------------
would THIS be easier?

No, I'm sure they won't meekly walk into the showers this time.
As a matter of fact, Koffi- that's why they're fighting right now. To stop you Anti-Semites from pushing them into the showers.

You Jew haters in the UN and Old Europe have some hard choices to make.

I was thinking of using even more graphic pictures, but didn't want to offend anyone too much. Also I didn't want to increase my hits by islamo-Nazis who'd abuse themseves with glee.

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