Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Have we got any betting men of wimmin here?

I'm just curious on the odds I get for a reply to my female Senator.

Here's a copy of the mail I sent to the Senator from Texas- it says 'Dear Senator Hutch--' (but I bet in HER inbox it says "The Honerable, and majestic,,,)

I see that you in the Senate still don't get it.
Anything that lets illegals stay in the country is a reward for breaking our laws.

I have a legal immigrant wife- 3 years and about $3000 her and her two daughters have their green cards.

I hear alot of these illegals who have been here for 15 to 20 years.
If they've been here -and I assume they've been back to Mexico in that time- why haven't they applied for LEGAL status when they could provide the Mexican postmarks, and other legal nessesities?

These people don't WANT to become citzens, or they would have put in the paperwork to get it started.
All most of these people want to do is get what they can from America. This includes Food Stamps, Section 8, SSI, unemployment, and all the other social welfare payments that LEGAL taxpayers are responsible for. I hope you notice that I didn't even mention the LEGAL costs associated with our flood of theivs, rapists and murderers who walk away with a slap on the wrist,,, IF they're even caught.

And to answer your automatic question- NO we can't deport them all. IF the existing laws were enforced, and they didn't have a TAXPAYER supported welfare system, they'd mostly all go back to where they came from.

Some might immigrate to Mexico to "Do the jobs that Mexicans won't do".

If you keep up trying to do what you know in your heart is wrong- please don't be surprized if your next election is much closer than you'd want it. Because some how Americans muddle through the stockpens and can see the difference between a self serving polititian and an honest person.

I belive that anyway- you've been in DC long enough to know that all it takes is to fool enough people to vote for you "this" time.

A fed-up conservative


OK, who want's to bid on ANY reply?


ok, a reply within a month? 2 to 1 odds...

2 months?

I'm still waiting on the one I sent them all about being toadies to their big money almost a year ago.

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