Monday, July 17, 2006

A one word denial of diplomacy

Ace has a brilliant aswer to those Communistic Liberal Peaceniks who would never think of using military force:

Diplomacy is a powerful tool. But it has one key weakness.

The word "No."

As in--

"Stop making nuclear weapons." -- "No."

"Stop firing long-range missiles." -- "No."

"Stop funding terrorists." -- "No."

"Stop killing and kidnapping Israelis." -- "No."

It is baffling to me that Democrats are unaware that, for all the incredible power of diplomacy, all diplomatic efforts can be entirely rebuffed with a single syllable word.

When Democrats are asked what to do about countries which keep saying "No" in response to our diplomacy, they invariably offer one strategy: More diplomacy!

Unaware, I guess, that every country, no matter how poor, has an endless supply of the natural resource known as the word "No."

That about sums up what's going on in the Mid-east right now.
What they fail to realize is, that you can't reason with a dog, he needs immediate "negative reinforcement".

And in a somewhat related update---The PLO just proved that they Just. Don't. Learn.
They killed another Isreali soldier in Gaza. And they're cheering.
How can you reason with animals like that?

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