Friday, July 14, 2006

I'm not going into the Israel against the sea of hatred right now

What I'm wondering is where are the cries of CENSORSHIP!!! agains the media in dropping Ann Cooulter from their editorial page? Even Editor &Publisher the liberal mover and shaker of the publishing world isn't bothered by this 'censorship'.

Anyone who has the faintest intrest in politics knows that Ann isn't a lightning rod, she's a Tesla coil of anti-Leftism. I don't have a dog in this fight, I like to read Ann taking the fight to the Left. I also like the way she makes the MSM pay attention to our views although sometimes she's accused of 'hatemongering'.
We had a universety cancel the NYT after they sold us out again on the GWT here in San ANtonio, and the local and vocal 'freedom advocates' were screeming about censorship.
It wasn't censorship then, and it's not now. In both cases the information is freely available, it's just not where you're used to getting it.

The usual Liberal hypocracy is searingly loud in it's silence on The Gazette of Cedar Rapids.

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