Monday, July 03, 2006

Have a happy mournful 4th

From your pariotic Libs at the upstate NY Ithaca Journal. Now lets fly our flags upside down and have a parade, just remember how evil BusHitler is.

This rant will piss most Anericans off with it's strung together paragraphs and mirepresentations of both fact and fiction.

Our Constitution is being attacked and ignored by the very leaders who are sworn to uphold it. For example, Bush has never vetoed a law passed by Congress. Instead Bush signs the bill, which then becomes law. But after his signature is added a postscript called a “Signing Statement.” If Bush signs this statement, it gives him the authority to disregard the law he has just signed!

So, what is the point of Congress? Why doesn't Bush just make decrees and proclamations? How is Bush's rule any different from a dictator's? And what has become of our system of checks and balances?

What? So it's ok for Clinton to do it because he "cared"more?

Torture is used at Guantánamo Bay as it is used in other U.S. prisons. This is public knowledge. (See the book “Guantánamo and the Misuse of Presidential Power.”) Holding prisoners in Guantánamo detention camps for years without charge — while the whole world is watching and calling for the camps' closure and while Bush is traveling the world talking of “freedom and democracy” — has to give people of other lands pause to wonder what our country is about.


Before the rise of Hitler, there was a breakdown of the German language. By misuse and reinterpretation of language, all the crimes committed in Germany during Hitler's time were made legal; none of the atrocities committed in Nazi Germany were illegal according to the remade German laws. In our country members of the judicial branch have corrupted our language, thereby making illegal actions “legal.” For example, calling people held at Guantánamo “enemy combatants” makes it okay to torture them since “enemy combatants” do not come under the rules of the international accords we have signed. These changes were made by Attorney General Alberto Gonzalez and attorney Samuel Alito, who now holds a seat on the Supreme Court, and their staff of lawyers in our Justice Department.

I'm sure glad that your PC thought police aren't guilty of corrupting out language- someone has to keep us on the right correct path.

Well that does it for me, let me go throw my medals over the White House fence as sonn as I can bother to get up there.

Now I actually have to find some uplifting and partiotic things to make up for this steaming pile I just dropped into your lap.

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