Friday, July 07, 2006

OK, now listen up

Bono . Needs our help, he needs answers.
He wants to know "What can we do to make poverty history?",

Yours, actually- I gave already.

He's got some good answers already;

BRAD T says: Make rich liberals give up their material goods in the name of socialism which they are always beating us over the heads with.

How is it possible that rich whiney liberals live in the same city as extremely poor people? Am I the only one who understands this contradiction?

Problem solved

JAWN K says: Maybe rich white singers in far off lands should sell their mansions, limos, and clothes, get off their narcissistic trip and give it all to the poor.

Hard to believe people like that bono guy live in a million dollar mansion and has the gaul to lecture all of us about poverty. People like him and Paul Simon are white-guilters who want attention. When these people sell their mansions and go live here (see link) then I will donate a few bucks. Otherwise, it's do as I say, not as I do, hypocrisy!

AZHEELSHOCK lets' Bono have it: Start in Somalia, Bono. I'd like to see you walk those streets that have no name...oh yeah, but they are covered with the blood of innocent women and children. Do something about that! See how far your fame gets you in the face of a tyrannical warlord.

Those were in the minoity, though. Most of the answers were pretty much on the Liberal page that boiled down to "send more money"
He's got over 20,500 answers in about 20 hours.

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