Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Wait-a-minute here

Can someone please explain just WHY it's Americas responsibility to stop the Hizb'allah from getting their @sses handed to them by the Israelis? Almost everywhere I look I see calls for America to stop the fighting, or enforce a cease-fire. WHY?

It seems that every time the UN or some other global body drops it, everyone starts crying for America to fix the problem. Every time we go in to try to help, we get dumped on and second guessed, and stabbed in the back; then the rest of the world has a go at us.

The UN's been aiding the enemies of both Israel and the US for ,,,,ummm- ever- both actively and by inaction. We get accused when we do something, and when we don't we're accused of "allowing" IT to happen, whatever IT is this time.

I'm really getting tired of being burnt every time we pull someone else's fat out of the fire.

You Arabs have been feeding this thing for 2000 years, YOU reign-in your dogs! We'll just keep supplying Israel the means to defend herself.

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