Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Whoa! Even the UN condemned the Paleostinians

"The United Nations representative to southern Lebanon, Gier Pedersen, condemned Hezbollah’s capture of the Israeli soldiers and said it “escalates the already tense situation."

Ok, it's not as blatantlyl forceful as they are against thIsraelis, but it's a start.

See, if you haven't heard by nowHezbollah came out of Lebanon and kidnapped two Israeli soldiers. (I'm giving you Rednecks' link because it goes to the NYT)
hezobllah, one of the parties that control's lLebanon.
One sovereignen nation.
Which attacked another.
Another act of war.
Which the UN and the rest of the "civilized" world generally downplay or ignore.

UPDATE- I just unf*cked bloggers "spell check" after seeing what it did when publishing. I guess that's OK because Google is in charge, and knows better how to edit a conservative blog better than I do.
Because they *care* more, and are smarter than us conservatives who actually take time to envision what our actions might have down the line,,,instead of just realizing how it makes "US" feel- no matter how it affects those we "helped".

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