Wednesday, July 19, 2006

When is torture NOT torture?

I guess some can pick and choose what is and isn't torture depending on the situation involved.

Kinda like the "situational ethics" that the Left loves to practice.

I was reading a post from Trailmix about Gitmo, and remembered what I heard last night.
Now remember how we're hearing about terrorists detainees being confined in a room listening to excruciatinly bad music at an "excessive" volume for hours at a time?
That's their defenition of tourture.

I was coming back from delivering a load last night near the SBC center (if you know San ANtonio, you know what kind of neighborhood that is), when I heard it.

I was driving a noisy '92 Kenworth with the with the windows up and the A/C on max when I heard this car with two kids hopping around on the seats. It wasn't bad mufflers, it was rap so loud that it shook my drivers door when she passed me.

Two individuals confined, being forced to listen to excuciatingly bad music vile noise for hours at a time. I know from the look of the car, and the neigborhood that we taxpayers are going to be footing the bill for hearing aids for these toddlers (and millions of others) after their hearing is permanently dammaged by mom.

Where are the "careing" Liberals who only want to "protect" the children- and the international human rights con artists organizations who's sole mission is to protect the weak against those in power?

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