Monday, July 03, 2006

The publics' RIGHT to know

I keep hearing that out of the NYT. I know I don't have to supply any links to that mess.
So here you have an anti American a "progressive" newspapers (or papers) who decided to let our enemies know every detail of an effective and perfectly legal anti-terrorist operation.

So, where did these newspapers get this "RIGHT"? I don't remember anything about the publics' RIGHT to know about effective LEGAL programs. True, Bush had mentioned that they were tracking finances. That's like putting a security sign out in your yard. What the NYT (and others) did was announce where the housekey was hidden, and the security code.

completely wrong. We didn't need to know every detail about the program, if anything it would have been enough to give a sketchy description- a schematic.

As far as punishing them, I know that they need to go after the leakers like the MSM wanted to hunt down KKKarl Rove for the Plame thing. Hammer them hard, and clean out the CIA (where it most likely came from). Make them an example, show them and the rest of their fellow travelers that it's the people of the United States run the government- not a bunch of entrenched (liberal) bureaucrats who act like a shadow government sabotaging everything the Bush administration tries to do.

Moral pressure won't work on a Liberal. How can you pressure someone who's moral ethics are based on nothing but whatever the situation is at the time. A Liberal is immune to moral criticism, Bill Clinton is the perfect example of how the editors of the NYT are going to act. Hurt feelings at the unjust harping of the self-righteous right-wing conspiracy.

Put them all in jail- it IS a crime to reveal secrets.

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