Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Israel,NATO and the Legacy media

It looks like the only way the Israelis are going to stop defending themselves is if NATO can be convinced to come in. I understand that. The UN has been in Lebanon for 20 plus years, and have looked away, or allowed the Hisb'allah terrorists to use their uniforms and equipment to attack Israel with impunity.

The UN was supposed to enforce UN Security resolution 1559 over two years ago. This was the one that was supposed to have Hizb'allah disarm. Instead they shared the same headquarters buildings and -as usual- ignored the UN and it's inflated sense of ...adequacy.

Now Israel wants NATO to enforce the peace. I can understand why- NATO has a track record of actually ACCOMPLISHING something. They're in Afghanistan tracking down terrorists, Bosnia/Kosovo (which isn't a quagmire even though Bill Clinton told us we'd be out by Christmas) .

It looks like the antisemetic islamophile evenhanded Legacy media is telling everyone that NATO is over burdened with what's going on in the world today, that their commitments won't let them do the UNs' job for them (again). Well according to this 2004 NATO assessment, they look like they're nowhere near as bad as the MSM wants us to believe.

I know, I know. If NATO goes in then the terrorists will actually HAVE TO stop indiscriminately sending missiles into civilian neighborhoods., and stop everything else the UN has let them get away with for decades.

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