Thursday, July 20, 2006

Syria blowing off the UN?

I have FoxNews in the background. John Bolton is holding a press confrence and answering questions about the inability of the UN to do anything about Lebenon and Syria.

Will anyone NOW realize just how much of a moneywasting clusterf*ck the UN really is?
Is there a way we can send them the way the League of Nations went? At least in the LoN we didn't flush billions of dollars propping up corrupt dictiphiles.

Can anyone tell me when the UN really did something that REALLY helped humanity? Darfur? Somallia? Liberia (and the triggerhappy French troops)? The Ivroy coast? Hootsi's and Tootsies? Bosnia? the Tsunami(s) in Asia?
Lets go back to the Korean war, when they were telegraphing our moves to the NorKs. The oil for fraud program? Vetting obviously flawed elections in South America, and condemming ours when alGore lost? 27 UN resolutions against Sadaam?

I don't mean the immediate gratification of beureaucrats in setting-up their luxury suites wherever they go, or the sex-for-food in the refugee camps. I mean real, concrete advances in the human condition.
Eradicate Malaia carrying mosquitos? Nope, DDT is BAaaad, here are mosquito nets. No home to use them in, too bad-we offered.
Use surplus US Military dysentary vaccine to help peasents in South America? Nope, what's good for Americas soldiers isn't good enought for someone who's never had indoor plumbing.

Put a dent in the slave trade? Ask the slavers in charge of the Human Rights Commission.

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