Sunday, July 23, 2006

Some quick thoughts on the Israeli war on terrorism

We have all these people trying to get out of Lebanon. The American embassy was surprised at how many wanted out. I'm not. They went in -in spite of a State Department warning- under their arab passports because they didn't want to be known as American. Until they needed to use them (American passports). Then -as usual-Bush was attacked for enforcing what the Congress passed; the 'pay the government back' thing. On top of the B.S. about the "extreme" time lag.

I've heard our hawks say we need to do more for Israel than just supply them with anything they need. That we need to go in and help them on the ground. No, we don't.; all we'd do is get in their way. They know what they're doing, they saw this coming as soon as they left both Gaza and Lebanon.

I'm really getting tired of the Legacy Media siding with the same terrorists that killed 240 Sailors and Marines in Beirut- then we bugged out, which is part of the reason we're in this cr@p today. Still, the Liberal media is as usual, attacking anyone who is against an enemy of the U.S.

Now we have 'Peace envoys' starting to go over there. If they go, fine- let them go tell Iran and Syria to lay down their cards and leave the table--NOW!!! Let the Israelis take care of the trash. Even the rest of the M.E. is getting tired of the trash on Israel's border.

As nice as it is to contemplate a nice glowing green field of glass in Tehran, we need to keep the high ground. We did it twice, under extreme circumstances; we don't need now, to throw away our well deserved reputation for restraint.

The U.N. 'Peace keepers'- that's a whole 'nother rant. There are plenty of pictures that show the Hisb'allah flag right next to the UN peace flag. They did absolutely NOTHING- as usual to enforce their disarmament resolution (1559), except to look away. Now Koffi Anon wants to protect his terrorists -again from their just rewards.

Anyone hear about the advance Russian anti-tank missiles the Israelis are finding? The Chinese cr@p? Now, does anyone doubt their 'humanitarian' instincts in the M.E.? Yeah, they don't want to cause any conflicts by siding with any peace pressure group.

Now that Israel is kicking @ss and killing the terrorists that have been attacking them- even after ALL their peace gestures- notice who is crying about 'innocent civilian casualties'? Well, you use women and children for shields, they get hurt and killed- no matter how well aimed Israel's arms are. Besides, they're the ones who let you build your bunkers hospitals, mosques and schools in their midst.

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