Monday, July 17, 2006

Factoids from the U.K.

First let me say that I'm proud to announce that I've corrupted Karens mind, so that she thinks more like an American than a Brit! That's a good thing.

  • Now she knows what I ment when I told her that driving in England was like driving through a tunnel (narrow twisting roads blocked by 10' high hedgrows.
  • She's looking the wrong way when crossing the street.
  • They (the extended family) went out to eat, and the biggest steak they offered was 8oz.- at a premium price.
  • During a discussion of politics (they're sounding more European/communist) they were complaining about the immigrants.
Her- Well, complain, let them know how you think.
Them: Ummmm, why?
Her- You can hold their feet to the fire, make them do something.
Them- What if they don't?
Her- Then vote them out.
Them- Wah? That's not done. If we do that then the other party will win.
Her- So? You vote for the person with the ideas that you believe in.
  • One brother didn't vote- and she fell down then by not telling him to shaddup and quit complaining- since he let others choose.
  • Our Air Conditioners work!
  • Fuel doesn't cost almost $6/ gallon for diesel.
  • Real portions of meat!
  • Space.
  • Less crowding.
  • Real showers.
  • FoxNews- theirs is even more leftist than CNN and CBS.
  • Broadband.
She's looking forward to getting her citizenship come Sept, now. And not just so she can vote against Hillary.

She thanked me for rescuing her, even though she didn't realize then that she needed rescuing.

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