Saturday, March 03, 2012

Just out of curiosity

Can't the House do anything to stop President Trotsky?

He keeps taking more and more unlawful authority, and no-one is even raising a voice in protest.
The House controls the purse strings, can't they (if they had the stones) to shut down Obamas illegal mandates?


  1. they could, All they have to do is just stop passing new spending bills. But then Obama would just ignore those laws and make up new ones where Geitner just sends money to programs directly. Unless someone actually uses checks and balances like impeachment, Obama is really above the law and has no limits on what he can do.

  2. It's why I'm not even that excited about "Taking Back the Senate!" that the conservative pundits are talking about now. The R's have caved to every demand so far, so why should I get excited about even more caving?

  3. Of course they could do something, but that would take some people with balls.

  4. They DON'T want to do, because they're afraid that any push back against Obama would hurt their supposed chances in Congress....and two, they expect to be in charge and want to use Obama's precedent, damn the Constitution.

    Mainly number two.