Monday, January 30, 2012

Awwww.......pooor little Liberal

We just can't understand that real life actually has consequences.

But hey Oakland Mayor Jean Quan- go ahead and try to find the leaders of #OWS.
I'm sure they'll talk to the thugs in the #OWS-Oakland branch and tell them to go against their nature.

Quan plans to ask leaders of the national Occupy movement to convince their Oakland cohorts to shun violence during their protests over economic inequality, officials said Monday.
"This splinter group inside Occupy Oakland - the ones who advocate violence - are not in sync with the rest of the movement," said Sue Piper, Quan's spokeswoman. "People who have been involved with the national movement - and a lot of people who live in Oakland - are really fed up with this splinter group. This is not what Occupy is supposed to be about."

Well Sue Piper,I really hate to break it to you but this is what the #OWS movement was all about. Your President told them to do it in some of his speeches to the masses.
If you don't believe me, just listen to their money man Gorge Soros.

But we don't want to hear that, do we? So lets all join hands with the people who want total anarchy and sing "We shall overcome."


  1. If the leftist politicians were not on teh same side as OWS, they would be suing them for the damage they cause. It just so happens that OWS is well-funded and can afford to pay those damages.

  2. She should just call her Democrat Bosses, but the point of OWS is to keep stirring (and smoking) the pot.