Saturday, May 07, 2011

I already told you Newt- NO!

Now you're hitting up another of my e-mail boxes for money?
NO! I don't want you on the ticket!
NO! I won't give you any money!

Really dude, I know you'r just another Washington Insider who likes to pretend for the ignrn't peons in unwashed-land that you 'care' and are some kind of conservative...but NO!
WE still remember your handholding with Nancy Pelosi while trying to get that Cap-N-tax abortion passed.

And now you're using the same words as the head Marxist of the United States---probably without even realizing it because you're so used to kegging insider crap without looking and then puking it back up without thinking about what the sh1t smells like.

Just out of curiosity- that bleached blonde you're standing next to- is she #3 or 4?
And did you start with her while you were still married to her predecessor?

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