Wednesday, May 11, 2011

A quick question for any geeky readers

Say you got a new laptop and didn't copy the factory image like you would if you were smart, and you kept getting the same maleware that Norton only catches when one of the hard drives is working too much.

So, I unplug the 'net and start scanning things with Norton and have to finish with Malwarebytes to get the automatic scanning started on Norton again.

The question, now that I'm putting it back to factory out-of-the-box condition, what would be better for a restore platform? DVD or thumb drive?

(Odd, Fire Fox doesn't recognize maleware as a word--or malware either)


  1. Thats cause it is spelled MalWare

    Your mileage may vary

  2. Not that I know much, but I've always used the DVD.

  3. From what I hear, DVD is easier. But that was with installing Linux.

  4. Thumb drive is probably faster, and less likely to get scratched...

  5. Is either better to kickstart a broken OS?

  6. Ubuntu. You can probably do just about everything you want to using the default install, unless you have a specific application you have to have Windows to use.