Friday, May 27, 2011

That's a $2,000 dress?

You've got to be sh1tting me.

It looks like she mugged some homeless woman for it, except for the whole silk looking mini-sweater...or whatever it is.


  1. Well, draping it over a moose probably isn't the best way to show it off.

  2. @ ambisinistral- LOL! Thanks for that!

  3. is she hiding a rocket pack on her back?

  4. Um, OT, but relevent. Your post above (the poll) autotarts a really annoying dataminer. You might want to keep that in mind. B/S doesn't give warnings about those sorts of links, you've gotta "post", log out, and then come back to the post to find 'em. It may be a new feature on freepoll, I dunno.

    WV: Dampyra - Mistress of the wet

  5. It looks like she mugged some homeless woman for it

    Damn, if that ain't the truth.

  6. No, I think it looks like she bought it off the discount rack at a store catering to French Quarter drag queens...


  7. I'm far from being an expert on women's fashion, but I have yet to see Chewbacca, err Michelle wear anything even remotely fashionable.

    She could be a poster child for poor taste.


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