Saturday, May 14, 2011

Supplying your own rope

So, Mitt Romneycare just can't wrap his ego around the fact that all Americans don't want the grandfather of Obamakare to be anywhere near the White House in 2012.
But, that's ok- we're just igr'nt backwards rednecks who don't have the sophistication to understand that our betters know how we need to be taken care of better than we do.

He's trying to make a cow patty into a serving plate for the 2012 election, and the White House is doing all it can to help.

Hey Mitt, here's a good campaign pic for your website.


  1. The caption for that picture should be, "Laughing Assholes".

  2. I'm glad he came out in support, as that should finish him.

  3. I can't stand 'Mitt' and look forward to when he slips into obscurity. Glad to see Huckabee is out.