Thursday, May 19, 2011


Am I an earth h8Tr because I'm sending CO2 into the atmosphere?
All I'm trying to do is get ready for the "End of Times" by going back to sustainable production like our newest hippie over,,,duudes would want by fermenting honey and apple juice...

I changed the recipe a little on this batch because of the citrusy/acidy taste of the last(first) mead (unaged) batch. I added 1/4 cup of molasses to each gallon instead of the orange. I used bread yeast again, so I could keep a constant (for you AGW scientists, that's how you're supposed to do things- test one change at a time) - this time I also tried hard cider, which is the one back right that is bubbling like a fish areator. the other ones are whole honey and 1/2 honey- 1/2 corn sugar. So we'll be scientific in our ongoing quest to stock up on EOTWAWKIT barter supplies.

But, while I was sterilizing things with sodium hypercloride, I thought about something about being ready for the zombieclypse that the CDC warned us about.

I know where to get water, no matter how dry it is here on the starting edge of the desert. I know of several ways to make that water potable, and one way involves the aforementioned bleach. Which got me to wondering for all my sciency readers out there.
If I wanted a surefire way of purifying water for a zombieclypse scenario- is there a shelf life for bleach?

-----UPDATE 05-20-11----
I checked the first batch, using the measurements from the second batch (because I didn't have a hygrometer when I made the first one)

According to the hygrometer, I have 15% alcohol from the straight mead (honey) and almost 8% from the half and half (honey/corn syrup). Now we wait. I hope it mellows because I'd hate to have to dump it because I just remembered that I brewed 5 gallons in an aluminum pot,,,which they say not to do....Might be why that mead tastes so nasty... or the lack of aging.,,


  1. I have heard of a shelf life for the liquid bleach, but I can't remember what it was, or what the data was to back up the claim.

    If all else fails, just boil the bejeezus out of it, and you should be ok.

  2. But what if I'm surrounded by Zee's and can't light a fire?