Sunday, May 15, 2011

That would almost make it worth buying a hybred

in that you can use it as an emergency back-up generator if you know how to hook up an inverter.
Or you could go get a Honda genset for about $350 and not worry about insurance, inspections, replacing high dollar batteries, or tires- not to mention the $350 high amp inverter.


  1. You'll need a better genset than what you can buy from Honda for $350 to run a fridge and your furnace even if you run them in turn.

    More like twice that, minimum. THen, of course, you have to have enough fuel stored. And Gas sold today doesn't store well much beyond 6 months.

    Better to buy a slightly more expensive diesel powered unit. Fuel stores forever. and you get more KWH per gallon too.

    But preparadness is the ley.

  2. Unless you seriously rewired that prius, you're not looking at much more usable power from the factory wire size.