Saturday, May 28, 2011

This should be fun to watch

Sorry to Bushwack and the conservative bloggers out there in the Peoples Democratic Republic of California.
But according to the Sacramento Bee, there is going to be a complete Democrat takeover of the entire government.

The Democratic governor plans to present a revised budget plan this morning. But as his negotiations with Republican lawmakers drag on – Brown needs two Republican votes in each house to put tax extensions on a ballot – frustrated Democrats are increasingly looking to 2012.

“It’s absolutely clear the only permanent solution for California’s problems is to elect a two-thirds majority of Democrats in each house of the Legislature,” Assembly Speaker John A. Pérez, D-Los Angeles, told delegates at the recent California Democratic Party convention. “That work must begin today.”

For Democrats, the circumstances are encouraging. Though the commission redrawing legislative districts is likely to shift some seats from coastal to more conservative inland areas, Republicans continue to have difficulty capturing a minority population that is growing statewide. Republican voter registration has declined so precipitously that the party, while maintaining a registration advantage over Democrats in some counties, no longer holds a majority in any.

There are two reasons for that. First most of the job producing go-getters are leaving Kali, and the second is that all those illegals that they let vote.

Now, all we have to do is sit back and watch them tax themselves out of existence.
Of course- somehow the entire United States will end up bailing them out with absolutely NO requirements for financial responsibility.

Just like GM.

I'm not really worried about Thing-2 and grand-Thing 2.5 because they're safely behind a security fenced Camp Pendelton.

Bush, and all the rest, we've got work in Texas...
Just try not to drive like too much of an @sshole.

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Oh look, Kalifornia is already trying to outlaw Independence Day.
Keep going Liberals.

Don't f*ck it up too bad, we might want need to sell you back to Mexico.


  1. we might want to sell you back to Mexico.

    I'd trade for Baja, even.

  2. Kurt, I guess you just don't see the "Grand Plan"... We're gonna let them have everything. We're going to let the democrats destroy this state at warp speed. The slow agonizing death isn't enough for them to see the direction so.... WARP SPEED!!!

    I'm hoping my shop closes too.. How sad is that I'm rootin to be unemployed because of this FUBAR political atmosphere. A great state is destroyed under the weight of liberalism... Sad but IF it happens folks may actually wake up and correct the ship.