Monday, May 23, 2011

About those old Israeli borders...

The smartest negro in the history of the world might want to read this Cliffs Notes version of the Jewish state............

NAHHhhh- that might throw some actual facts into the narrative.
And make the Brits out to be anti-Israel- which they were.

Hey, Mr. Columbia grad, if we're going to turn back history to get your final, magical borders, lets use some ACTUAL borders and then maybe we can find a place for those Philistines(you'll see in a moment) to go.

We could go back to the original country and work on boundaries there.
Oh look! Those people on the Med side of Israel are ALREADY home! Except now it's called Gaza.

But I don't see anywhere called Palestine...Hmmmm?

Ok, lets jump forward about 2,000 years...
You know- I only found this map after NOT being able to Google a map of 1850 Palestine.
I had to search for 1850 Israel.

Well we still have the Philistines there, but no Palies...
And still in Gaza, too.

I wonder where and when we got the idea that the Palestinian people ever HAD a homeland?

Ohhh...Palies are what we'd consider Jordanians today, if the entire world wasn't lined up as a block of Anti-Semites.
So those displaced people of the Trans Jordanian British Mandate DO have an available homeland.

It's almost like someone was using them for willing pawns....

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