Sunday, May 22, 2011

I understand making a point

But Mr. "America's Inspector" or whatever you're called on the History channels latest scare-everyone-into-watching show.

He's in Detroit now. He's making noise about how can America let Detroit's FD work with such inadequate equipment? Because some neighborhood caught on fire and burned some 80 abandoned houses because of a downed power line.

I'm an electrician. I have been a lineman, so I spotted that 4-pair phone line he was holding up and telling the TeeWee that "THIS was the line that started the fire."

DUDE- bullshit.

I figured when I first saw your previews that you were going to go to the worst places you could find (Detroit's infrastructure- check) and put the worst spin you could find- and now you're lying on top of it all.

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