Monday, May 30, 2011

The Newton poll- results

Our last poll broke pretty much into two camps again with 44 votes, the major vote getter being
  • Newt will never quit 21 votes @ 48%
  • when it dawns on him being a laughing stock 18 votes @41%
Now, I didn't say anything when I saw that last getting votes to see where it went- but you people need to remember that our boy Newt is a compleat political animal and cannot see just how stupid his actions are to normal people. He'd never see himself as anything less than some minor god.

The other results were:
  • After his money runs out (which I see as the most likely) 5 votes @ 11%
  • Next time he puts his foot in 0 votes
At least we didn't have any smart-@sses trying to be funny like last time (not that I care since this is as scientific as the PPP polls are)
You can see it here and still vote- but it won't count.

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