Tuesday, May 24, 2011

you get what you pay for

In the fact that I can't go in the front door of blogger to do a post.
I had to open my g-mail account and come in from the garage door.

It was that way for both FireFox and Explorer, so I guess it's something on the blogger side.
I couldn't leave a message at Deadmans dance either.

What about O'Bama and Cameron comparing themselves to Thatcher and Reagan and the Berlin Wall?

More like Abbot and Costello with the Rodney King riots thrown in.

There was a lot of tongue wagging about Herman Cain not knowing the term "Right of Return" and how he wasn't worthy or running in such circles as Newt the battle-tested armor who withstood clips being unloaded at him by sheep...or something.

But then he put himself a notch higher by actually admitting it, and admitting that he wasn't the smartest negro in the world.
I like to know people who learn from their mistakes, that means they won't do it again and take steps to avoid similar.

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