Monday, May 23, 2011

That wasn't on my last weekly poll

That Mayor Rahm would order departments to cut 10% of their personnel costs.

CHICAGO (CBS) – Making good on a campaign promise to cut the city budget, Mayor Rahm Emanuel on Tuesday outlined a plan to save $75 million in 2011 through a series of salary cuts for senior managers and other cost-saving measures.

“I don’t want time wasted to get there,” Emanuel said. “If everyone will give a little, no one will have to give too much.” CBS 2′s Jay Levine reports.

Which was completely unexpected coming from the guy who probably never mentioned that idea to his fellow Chicago goon- Barry.

But the results of my poll may still come through which are as of this writing:
  • A White House Bailout- 19 votes @41%
  • Lean on the Unions- with one joker voting on that one
  • Blame the Republicans- 12 @26%
  • Raise taxes- 14 @ 30%
You can still vote here, but it won't count.

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