Monday, May 30, 2011

That's my school district they're talking about

And both of the recent grads say basically "screw him, let him stay away.'

Because he and his parents are trying to stop a 50 year tradition of south central Texas- in the student lead invocation at their graduation ceremony.

The suit was filed on behalf of Christa and Danny Schultz, who have two children in the Medina Valley Independent School District, including one graduating on June 4, according to the San Antonio Express.

The group wants the school district to remove a student-led invocation and benediction, but the school district says that the remarks do not violate any laws or school policy, according to the Express.

"Public schools can't require students to take part in religious worship as the price of attending their graduation. This is settled law, and the district needs to stop resisting it," the Rev. Barry Lynn, the group's executive director, told the paper.

The article doesn't say which socialist state they emigrated from, because we know- this isn't Austin.
Which means they're not from Texas.

And if you were from Texas you'd know that there are no Saguaro in Texas.

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