Monday, May 30, 2011

Well, that's the kiss of death

Sorry Sarah, but if the 'maverick' John McCain endorsed you it's over before it starts.
I like you and would vote for you because you're real.

Plus I love to watch Liberals heads explode whenever they hear your name.
But having the guy Who inadvertently started the whole hat train rolling and talked more respectfully about a complete Marxist than he did you, is...... not helpful.

I think Sarah might have a chance to make it onto the ticket, but as much shit as she has from everyone in the media- including unfunny, very tall female comedians who put lies in her mouth, she just won't crack the undecided (non-political) vote.

So we have to go with probably a relative unknown and not let the Liberal media pick our nominee.

Sorry Rudy, Mitt- you both lost to our head loser last time, you proved how bad you were so just leave some money in the election fund on the way out.

K? TnX-Bai.

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