Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Unicorn farts and flexable math

In two related articles, we have most of what I object to in this Holy Grail of Liberal ....ummm...energy independence.

The first one was complaining of the property tax up in Michigan that was wiping out their profits of almost 4 times the going rate for the electricity to power 20 houses. They get 42 cents per KWH and the going retail rate is 12 cents per KWH.
Then they went on to compare themselves with a nuke plant down the road and the taxes they pay per KWH. The nuke plant that pumps out "real" wattage that powers cities- is paying about .2 cents/KWH compared to their 12.3 cents/KWH.

Then I wondered what's the difference in acreage, because the land size wasn't mentioned.
So I went to the linked article, that had the usual Liberal demands for free ice cream.

... Field said. “I’m going to do everything I can to lobby the Legislature to tell them they need to make this simple — that renewable-energy equipment doesn’t get taxed.”

Part of what makes the assessment incorrect, Field said, is that the property should have been assessed based on what was on the property as of last Dec. 31. The solar equipment then was not in service so it should have been classified as inventory, which Field said isn’t taxable.

“From a logical point of view, there’s no point in having other incentives for renewable energy and not ... abate property taxes,” he said.

So, we're soaking the ratepayers- who have to pay tax, but we don't want to pay for what's getting us almost four times the going rate (plus 0bamas renewable energy taxpayer funded subsidies_.

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