Saturday, May 21, 2011

What ever happened to plug-N-play?

I'm having some problems with my eathernet connection on the new laptop.
The socket is *VERY* finicky about exactly HOW the plug is sitting in the socket. I got tired of jiggling and lifting to get it just right- and bought a Belkin 150 wireless router.

I I transferred the connections over like it said, and then plugged it in.
I put the installation CD in and started,,,sort of.

Because it couldn't get the router to start, and it couldn't get the router to start, then to show how much problems they already had getting the router to start, I started seeing things like 'sometimes these things take longer than others' and "Hmmm, it looks like a stubborn one here' and 'this is really stuck isn't it' and 'lets try doing the whole unplugging and replugging again ' until it FINALLY kicked in and it asked me for everything I don't know -and can't get because my landline is VOIP.

Now I need to call the cable Co. for ISP, ports dsns, znd I don't know what else when I bring the replacement home.

AND somehow it changed the DNS in the main computer that Win7 won't let me get to...AND my phone says it's not registered..............with the old router.


Uninstalled everything and used the main computer for boot driver, ran and re-ran and finished by re-running the connection diagnostics and finally things are working again.

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