Tuesday, May 10, 2011

So now the State is hijacking my cell phone

And I can't opt out of hearing about some kid running away getting abducted in Maine where I have absolutely no contacts and could really give a chit less.I'm going to hear my phone going off at three in the morning to find that there was a tornado hitting somewhere in Oklahoma (again, and again). Because it's some kind of national emergency that I have to see the White House sending "URGENT" messages about why 0bama needs to stay in office, and to call your congressman NOW to keep healthcare?!
I bet they don't give warnings when Mr. Common Man snarls traffic for hours to get his motorcade to his fundraisers.

Or to find out that an unknown hurricane just snuck up on the borough of Queens.

So- who is going to be paying for these intrusive and unwanted campaign messages from the Community Organizer in Chief? I have a prepaid plan, do I get to charge the .GOV for those wasted minutes?

Stop laughing!


  1. Guess I won't be upgrading my phone if it has that kind of crap pre-loaded.

  2. I'll pass on that, thanks.

  3. The way I read it, if you have a smart-phone, it's already got the chip. The regular phones will start getting them next year.

  4. Dang it. I was hoping it was a next-gen thing. I'm going to be pissed if Obama starts calling me in the middle of the night.