Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Thirty six more reasons not to buy another Mitsubishi

I got back from town yesterday and was going to scan the invoice I got from the Mitzu dealership for four quarts of 'Mitzu Diamond SP III' automatic transmission fluid so I can change the filter. I was going to, but one of the latest voltage spikes rendered the scanner inoperable -or it can't find the desktop.

The truck is seven years old and still needs proprietary transmission fluid.

On top of the $2500 I had to spend on a tune-up (and timing belt change- since the engine was half dismantled to get to the plugs) because Mitzu put the plugs and distributor inside the Vee and UNDER the air intake plenum.

And just the plain way we let ourselves get ripped off at Gillman Mitsubishi of San Marcos, Tx.

This is in addition to GM and Chrysler which will never have a title in my name again.

The Hyundai Santa Fe of Thing-1 is holding up well for its age and milage and it looks like it's worth considering.


  1. I swore off Mitsubishi after I let my Daughter talk me into an Eclipse for her fist car (used). Pain in the ass (the car, not her).

    Hyundai makes a decent car. We had a Santa Fe for several years (Wife's car) before gifting it to my Daughter's family where its still going strong. Thinking seriously about the new Sonata for Mrs. Paladin when she decides to replace her current ride.

  2. I bought an '87 Might Max back in the good old days when they knew what they were doing and loved it. Drove it for 10 years until I got hit head-on by a drunk and rear-ended by a cab, all at the same time. I still miss that truck ...