Wednesday, May 11, 2011

I just sent a letter to my Texas Lege

Actually, I sent it to my state rep. in the Lege. and if you know any Texas gun owners you should send them over to The weapons blog for more info on how to get involved on uging them to approve open carry.

Here is my letter. He's a Dem, but not one of those rabid Marxist ones you'd have from Houston or Austin.

Dear Representative King,

I am sure you are aware that HB 2756 (allowing a CHL holder to openly carry a holstered weapon) is set to come up for vote on the House Floor soon.
As you may, or may not realize- if a CHL holder inadvertently allows any part of their pistol to be seen in public- they are subject to arrest and imprisonment.

With the passage of Open Carry, we will have less law abiding citizens arrested for a fluke of circumstance.
Also you may hear the old refrain about turning Texas "Back to the wild west" with shoot-outs on every corner and blood in the street. Perhaps that would be for the better, because in all actuality- the old west had less per-capita gun violence than most large cities in modern America.

In addition to the need to mentioning the Second Amendment- if I were to get a CHL, I wouldn't want to have my rights to freedom taken away by an errant gust of wind that lifted my shirt.

Thank you for your time,
Kurt P
Hondo, Tx

And I got sent their from Sam.
Who I probably need to apologize to for calling his kids fat and illiterate in my previous post- because I'm only making assumptions based on the complete control Dems and unions have on the entire state.


  1. No apology is needed, but my one offspring (Engineering Johnson) keeps a much trimmer figure than I can manage, and will pay more in taxes and Social Security than I will. Right now he is on the other side of the world making money for his employer, and paying no union dues. He should be back in IL soon, and I hope we can bust some caps out behind the barn. He is planning to attend GBR with Bea and myself in September.

  2. Good. Ask him if he's ever going to update his blog.