Friday, May 06, 2011

Do you mean....

That treaty where we PAID for the land that we won?
The one where we made the Mexicans who didn't want to leave ,,,CITIZENS?

Via Ringo's Pictures of the LA May Day march, which if you scroll down- shows Obama has hid own brown-shirts.

...And NO! vato, those warrons came with the paperwork from YOUR government to emigrate. That means vato, that they were LEAGAL. Bendejo.

Fox just broke to Ft. Campbell,KY. for prez Kickazz's address.
They're singing the Star Spangled Banner now...
The podium is empty, 0bama is probably puking in revulsion at the way those soldiers revere that song.

I just hit mute because that's all I need to hear from Ft. Campbell.

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