Sunday, March 04, 2012

Remember when Daryls brothers ghost came back?

In the previous series, when he stabbed himself with his own bolt?
Bro was harassing him about living with n1ggers and ch1nks?

And how it was all Liberals and Democrats fault this all happened...

Now fast-forward to this episode and the Daryl's' bike where we saw a nice double lightning strike on the tank...

Yeah--- lets not put any messages out there Hollywood.

Well, the group conscience has died. Would have anyway because of the way Dale was opened up by a Zombie.

WTF? TWO more episodes? We get to watch eight weeks of Zombie and then they kick back for eight months of trying to hide messages in the script?


  1. At least Dale is dead. Couldn't stand him.

    And the lovely Mrs North asked if this episode was titled "Irony".

  2. And the funny thing is that the black guy, T-Dog, has the least amount of dialog/screen time of any of the characters. Tonight, when Dale was going around talking to the group, did he talk to T-Dog? Nope. You'd think that T-Dog would be with the other men, doing manly things, but he, Dale, and to a lesser extent Glenn are grouped with the women - - the beta males, obviously. No racism in the way the writers/producers treat T-Dog, is there? If I were that actor I'd be screaming.

    As for the motorcycle, are we sure it's Dary'ls own, and not just one that they acquired along the way? Just playing devil's advocate, here. And it's not as if bikers are above using Nazi/white power symbolism.

    I knew a major character was going to die - - Norman Reedus (Daryl) mentioned that in an interview, but didn't reveal who it was - - and I'm kind of sorry it was Dale, who lived a bit longer in the comic books the TV series is based on. He definitely turned into Jiminy Cricket this season, though.

    I liked the scene with Hershel passing on his watch to Glenn.

    The stupidity continues. Carl lost a gun while baiting the zombie that eventually killed Dale, we'll probably have a guilt-trip scene to watch before the season ends. These people are sooo lacking in common sense.

  3. Carl's turning into quite the little nutbag. Lipping off to adults and stealing things from them. Then again, even with the reduced field of the zombie apocalypse, Lori and Rick aren't exactly in the running for the Parent of the Year award.

  4. @Ambi- Carl's turning into a teenager.

    When the Zombie showed up, I told the wife"I'm kind of surprised he isn't carrying that gun Carl dropped".